Funding a dependable, lifelong pension promise

Our investment program has one goal – to deliver secure, stable pension income to our members today and tomorrow. We invest with sustainable pension security at the core of all we do.

As at December 31, 2022


Net assets


Funded status with a $0.4B funded surplus1


Discount rate


total pension benefits paid in 2022

1 On a smoothed asset basis

Our fiduciary duty is to put members first and protect their pensions. Our in-house investment team carefully considers investment assets, opportunities, and risk through the lens of the Plan’s liabilities, striking a balance between three key objectives:

  • Generate sufficient returns to keep the plan fully funded, ensuring we can pay members’ pensions for decades to come
  • Keep benefit and contribution levels as stable as possible over time
  • build resilient value in a changing world

Our approach combines focused investment strategies at the asset class level with sophisticated asset allocation, risk, liquidity, and ESG2 management at the total fund level.

2 Environmental, social and governance
Our investment of members’ pension earnings has bearing on their retirement security; they have a right to know how we approach and perform that responsibility. We commit to being open and transparent about our investment practices and the guiding policies that inform our approach.

We know that environmental, social and governance (ESG) factors, such as climate change, will present material and evolving impacts over time and must be firmly embedded in our investment analysis and risk management.

Responsible investing — being the integration of ESG considerations into our investment processes and stewardship practices — helps us ensure we can fulfil our pension promise to generations of members while helping influence a resilient financial, social, and environmental future. This is essential for a pension fund with generational responsibilities — our ability to deliver sustainable value to current and future members relies on healthy, functioning systems.


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