UPP Whistleblower Statement

The University Pension Plan Ontario (“UPP”) is committed to establishing and maintaining a culture of the highest ethical standards reflected in our Code of Conduct and corporate policies.  We believe that it is everyone’s responsibility to report ethical or other issues.  We also believe it’s important for our personnel, plan beneficiaries, and other external parties to be able to report unethical or illegal behaviours or actions to help us further protect UPP’s culture and business practices.

ClearView ConnectsTM is a confidential tool you can use to anonymously report genuine ethical or legal issues and concerns related to UPP.  You can submit your report as indicated below.

Online www.clearviewconnects.com

Phone 1-866-781-5012 Toll free CA/US

Mail to

P.O. Box 11017
Toronto, ON
M1E 1N0

Please use ClearView ConnectsTM to report issues including, but not limited to:

  • Fraud, theft, bribery, corruption, insider trading or other illegal or dishonest activities
  • Conflicts of interest, breaches of privacy, confidentiality, or fiduciary duty
  • Harassment, discrimination, or other unethical behaviour

This reporting system does not replace the other methods for contacting UPP for general inquiries (e.g., media inquiries, job/career inquiries). Contact Us  for related information.


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